Solano Trauma Recovery Center

Our Mission

Solano Trauma Recovery Center is devoted to providing victims of violence with trauma informed services, including crisis intervention and stabilization, mental health assessments, referrals, clinical services, case management, and advocacy. Our mission is to inspire individuals we serve to make the transition from victim into survivor. We are dedicated to empowering and building self-esteem in our clients while providing assistance and support to families affected by traumatic events.

What We Do

The Trauma Recovery Center model combines assertive outreach, advocacy, evidence-based mental health services, and comprehensive case management tailored for each person in our program. We strive to meet each client where they are, emotionally and physically.

How We Help

Trauma can have a devastating impact on people at emotional, physical, spiritual and financial levels. Our multidisciplinary team works together to support healing and recovery and strives to create an environment where survivors feel welcome, safe, listened to and respected.


TRC clients have access to wraparound care that includes individual and group psychotherapy, case management (help with needs such as shelter/ housing, financial benefits, food and clothing). All services are free.


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