Vision & History

Mission Statement

SANE- SART provides trauma-informed, evidenced-based forensic and mental health services to victims who have experienced violence by providing opportunities that promote healing, recovery, and resiliency.

Vision Statement

To join other like-minded organizations that will inspire and believe, as we do, in the power of the human spirit by being respectful, kind, and understanding creating safe, healthy and flourishing communities.

8 Core values

SANE-SART operates from a defined system of core values which include ideas and practices that influence the conduct of everyone (victims, survivors their families and our employees). We believe Compassion, Kindness and Empathy are essential core values in our work. Preserving and enhancing the welfare of those with whom we have contact with everyday serve to further the betterment of people, restoring humanity in each person through our actions and ideas. We approach our work with open hearts, engaging with people and communities as well as each other, from a place of genuine RespectCuriosity and Dedication to healing. We listen, engage and partner with those who are most impacted by the intractable problems that face humanity. Having Courage to be open-minded and vulnerable, to face change with a changing world, to support the most promising solutions in the face of uncertainty and to honor each other in solving problems. Lastly, we seek Joy– the expression of inner peace, happiness, and contentment. This being an important source of strength and healing in the face of the persistent human problems that are the focus of our work.


SANE-SART started in 1988 named the Napa Community SANE-SART, a non-profit organization due to the efforts of Anna Gentile, pediatric nursing professor at Napa Valley College, and Gary Lieberstein, Napa County District Attorney. The sexual assault team was started with 5 RNs to provide evidentiary exams at the Queen of the Valley Emergency Room.  The Sexual Assault Response Team expanded to Solano County in 1995 providing exams at North Bay Medical Center in Fairfield and Sutter Solano in Vallejo.  In 1998, an agreement was made with Travis Air Force Base to provide forensic examinations at David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB. In a partnership, SANE-SART and Kaiser Permanente in Vallejo California create the first ever collaboration to provide free rape exams and medical care to victims of sexual violence and continues to this day.

In 2003, President George W Bush signed into law the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). SANE SART’s commitment to providing services to all victims of sexual assault includes incarcerated victims in local jails, prisons, and state hospitals. 

As a grassroots and forward-thinking organization, we lead the effort to provide comprehensive services in one location for sexually and physically abused children in Napa County. In March of 2006, after one year of due diligence visiting the few neighboring child advocacy centers and finding financial donors  the Napa Courage Center was opened. Three years later, the Napa Courage Center was recognized for providing gold standard services and received accreditation by the National Child Advocacy Center. As many of our surrounding sexual assault programs were unable to provide comprehensive child and adult evidentiary examinations, SANE SART agreed to assist victims in neighboring communities including Marin, Mendocino, Lake, Sonoma and Contra Costa counties.  

In 2011, as “un-tested rape kits” were front and center in the news across America SANE SART accepted the invitation from the California Department of Justice Crime laboratory to pilot the first rapid DNA program in Northern California. The implementation and ultimate success of this innovative program continues to this day. SANE SART is proud to have been part of ending untested rape kits in California.  

In 2015, SANE-SART brought Solano County stakeholders to the table including the local district attorney who used her election platform to help catapult the need for a child advocacy center. With a generous grant from Kaiser Permanente, the Solano County Board of Supervisors approved SANE SART’S proposal for a child advocacy center.  The Solano Courage Center (aka Courage Center 2) became a reality for children and families. The Courage Center 2 was the first on-site partner at the Solano Family Justice Center.  

In 2017,  SANE -SART was awarded a federal grant to provide free trauma informed mental health services to victims of violence. The Solano Trauma Recovery Center (STRC) became a vital program supporting survivors on their journey to recovery and healing. Since that time,  STRC has helped hundreds of individuals’ and families with not only mental health therapy but housing, food, transportation, clothing, education, and daycare assistance. 

With extremely limited or no local services for victims of human trafficking and commercially exploited children (CSEC), SANE-SART initiated conversations with local partners and agencies to identify, engage and provide services and support to meet the holistic needs of trafficking victims. In April 2022, SANE-SART was awarded a grant to provide human trafficking services in Solano County. These unique and all-encompassing services are essential to the recovery of survivors of human trafficking. 

We are humbled and grateful to be a witness to the courage and strength it takes for each victim to become a survivor. 

Awards and Acknowledgements:

  • 2010: SART team  named Nonprofit of the Year by Napa Valley Community Awards.
  • 2011: SART team named Practitioner of the year by Solano County Child Abuse Prevention Council.
  • 2012: SART team named Outstanding Medical Professional of the Year by Napa Valley Community Awards.
  • 2018: SART team named Outstanding Medical Provider by Child Haven Community Awards.
  • 2019: SART team named the Center of Excellence by the Marin County Grand Jury.


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