Domestic Violence Response Examinations


The Domestic Violence Examiner is similar to a Sexual Assault Examiner. Napa Solano SANE-SART provides both domestic violence and sexual assault exams. These exams provide medical care to the individual disclosing the sexual assault or domestic violence and to collect and preserve forensic evidence for use by the justice system. The exam includes a head-to-toe examination, documentation of injuries, pictures of injuries (with consent), and fact gathering around the alleged assault. An advocate is present during the exam, much like the sexual assault exam. Support, danger assessment and safety planning will also be done at this time to help facilitate getting the survivor to a safe place.


CA Health & Safety Code § 1233.5 and 1259.5 requires licensed clinics, general acute care hospitals, acute psychiatric hospitals, special hospitals, psychiatric health facilities, and chemical dependency recovery hospitals to establish written policies and procedures to screen patients routinely for the purpose of detecting spousal or partner abuse. Education is required for appropriate hospital staff about the criteria for identifying, and the procedures for handling patients whose injuries or illnesses are attributable to intimate partner violence.

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